IT for the Mission of Defense

Since 2000, NJVC has helped define, build, manage and transform the defense enterprise into an automated, integrated tool for success with the simple goal of making IT a tool of efficiency and an enabler of mission, rather than a burden to be managed.

Built to support the needs of the intelligence community, the security required in operations supporting intelligence gathering and the warfighter isn't just a corporate value, it's coded into our professional DNA.

Our mission-focused approach ensures customers generate maximum value of their IT spend. In an era of do-more-with-less, NJVC emphasizes a do-more-with-everything approach, carefully considering legacy investments, emerging technologies, and services integration to find the right balance to produce high-value IT results that enable mission success. Unlike product vendors, our goal is to provide our customers with the best services and offerings regardless or origination. Our flexible, agile approach allows our customers freedom of innovation, to move IT at the speed of need, from operations and maintenance through emerging technology paradigms.  

How We Help

Enterprise Management and Monitoring
  • Gain real-time views of your enterprise IT health status through role-based dashboards and mission watch officers
  • Continually optimize and align IT through automation, improved workflows and integration engineering
  • Deploy cybersecurity from an enterprise perspective, bridging the gaps left by traditional vendors and products
  • Support continuous diagnostics and mitigation for constant vigilance
Cloud Migration
  • Move data, applications and infrastructure to the cloud securely with no negative mission impact
  • Consult, advise and help defense customers determine how to best the possibility of the cloud while maintaining continuity
Hybrid IT Transformation & Optimization
  • Determine the right mix of in-cloud and on-premises solutions to optimize your enterprise
  • Manage mutli-cloud, mutli-platform environments from a single interface