Building Mission-Aligned Solution Centers

More help. Less hassle. Less overhead. We automate service desk tasks, increase self-help capability and integrate service offerings to make stove-piped support desks into integrated, cost-effective solutions centers.

We provide technology-driven, customer-focused management and staffing, structured to reduce drag caused by incorrectly routed tickets or unsolved issues. As an enterprise management provider, we understand service desks are part of integrated solution rather than a standalone program. We create a cycle of efficiency, empowering end users to solve low priority issues while freeing up technicians to solve more complex challenges. We consider service desk solutions in concert with ITSM to drive improvements and efficiency. The result is a continuously improving enterprise where the most critical needs get the most attention.  


One Call, One Solution

NJVC helps customers achieve first-call resolution for Tier 1 help, allowing technicians to focus on situational awareness of critical priorities. We provide extensively trained staff and ITIL-aligned services which allow one-call resolution on more than 90 percent of all tickets submitted.

Our workflow optimization and task automation reduces re-routing of tickets, ensures quality data was captured when the ticket was opened and when resolved, and ensures customers don’t get lost and stuck in queues. Our solutions target rapid speed to answer, quality of service, and rapid movement for issues requiring technician intervention.


Empowering the End User

We help users solve basic problems without the intervention of the service desk. We publish enterprise knowledge management data for end users to put the power of the service desk in every customer’s browser. We intelligently deploy web portals with self-help tools, meaning tasks like password resets can be handled quickly and often without technician support. Empowering the end user allows better resource allocation without negatively impacting mission.


Training Staff

We deliver the right people with the right knowledge for the task. As a continuous enterprise service provider for federal customers since 2000, we have mature processes for training staff to best support customer mission, improving customer satisfaction as well as reducing service desk overhead by empowering our staff to solve problems, not simply refer them elsewhere in your enterprise.

Our solutions provide more than better staff; we provide better answers.  


Secure, Dependable Staffing

As a trusted partner of national security missions since 2000, we specialize in providing service desk solutions for customers with high security requirements.