Mission Impact Monitoring

Your mission depends on your IT enterprise. NJVC gives customers a trusted, vigilant partner to let you focus on mission without the worry of IT interruption.


Mission Watch Officer

NJVC’s Mission Watch Officer is a human link to your IT enterprise, trained in a wide range of IT disciplines and your mission goals. This technical officer provides a 24/7/365 point of contact and an advanced understanding of how IT status across your enterprise affects mission.

The Mission Watch Officer delivers senior leadership updates on critical issues and on-demand reporting of IT status. The MWO serves as a guardian of your mission and is the advocate of your needs during authorized outages and other IT events which might negatively impact mission. The MWO puts the most important information into the most relevant hands at the most critical times. Our MWO offering takes the confusion out of complex IT environments.

We deliver the human advantage. Our watch officers can understand and evaluate intelligence data for which modeling often can’t, or doesn’t, account, and evaluate against mission need. From large events like political instability around the globe to understanding likely impacts of localized weather events on your IT support workforce, the mission watch officer provides constant vigilance and leadership for your IT enterprise in the most challenging environments.


Situational Operations Center

We correlate and aggregate the vast amount of complex data available in your IT enterprise and synthesize it into intelligible trends and report on a 24x7x365 basis. Our situational operations center delivers information targeted for the end user through role-based reporting. Our business analytic toolkits help provide insight into current performance and prepare customers for the consequences of potential incidents or change requests. 

We capture pertinent Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and provide reports daily, so your enterprise health check is always in reach and a point of contact is always available.

Our mission-impact monitoring allows customers to better understand their enterprise and make better decisions from clearer, real-time information.