Change, Configuration and Release Management

The smallest changes to your IT enterprise can represent a major threat to your mission. NJVC’s change, configuration and release management (CCRM) capability keeps your IT enterprise in harmony, even through IT revolution and complex change requests.

Our CCRM processes bring teams and projects together to manage your IT library from an enterprise perspective, improving the time to resolution of change requests and providing better understanding of potential impact to mission. We create complete, dynamic views of your technology, people and processes so you better understand how any change might impact IT and the mission it supports. We focus on availability, reducing downtime and streamlined workflows. Our 15 years’ continuous experience as an enterprise management provider for secure projects allows us to proactively manage, anticipating conflicts before they arise.

We control configuration, change and release management to give you the IT you need for the mission you want.


Configuration Management Configured for You

We establish a single system of record for infrastructure and systems operating within the enterprise in a configuration management database (CMDB). This streamlines change requests, reduces duplicate entries across your enterprise and supports enhanced automation or reporting and low priority change requests.

We are software agnostic and leverage the best technology for your configuration management needs. 


Structured Release Management

We provide end-to-end enterprise management, ensuring that approved changes are executed in accordance with your defined and documented procedures.


Workflow Management

CCRM isn't simply tools and technology. We provide expert workflow management teams to serve as the bridge between tools, technology and business processes. These small teams manage requests and reporting to confirm compliance with operating agreements, verify workflows and processes are clear and functional and ensure timely response.