Enterprise Risk Management

Identifying, quantifying and mitigating risk is essential to ensuring to an organization’s security posture. NJVC evaluates the methods and processes in place to protect identified assets, cutting across organizational boundaries to ensure that security policies are implemented and managed while maintaining cognizance of risk and ensuring compliance with all applicable regulatory guidelines.

NJVC uses industry-leading vendor products and process workflows to evaluate organizational performance, providing continuous monitoring and risk-based threat mitigation. We utilize both existing customer products and an external third-party approach to the evaluation and auditing process to reduce costs and ensure consistent results.

Our approach is based on the guidelines outlined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to characterize a risk management framework:

  1. Categorize the system
  2. Select baseline security controls
  3. Implement security controls
  4. Assess security controls
  5. Authorize production usage
  6. Continuously monitor system controls and risk

NJVC has extensive experience in providing managed cyber services to ensure compliance with DoD, FISMA and other federal regulations. We have a dedicated Certification and Accreditation team, ready to deploy globally to conduct onsite vulnerability scans and establish security authorization packages.