Cyber Defense: Enterprise Task Without an Enterprise Tool

Today’s enterprise faces a growing number of challenges in the realm of cybersecurity. Sophisticated tools produce increasingly complex data, yet the ability to aggregate and correlate those data feeds into actionable intelligence is decreasing. No single picture of network defense readily exists, creating blind spots in the enterprise and leading to intermittent rather than continuous monitoring. Cybersecurity is often composed of a series of reactive measures following attacks, rather than a real-time response.

NJVC creates actionable intelligence based on data aggregation and correlation, developing analytical capabilities that are specific to the threats that your organization faces. We provide integrated, summarized information from transaction-level raw data.

Metric Visualization

Metrics are numeric values that provide insight into the specific security posture of your organization. However, volumetric data and complex data sets can be difficult to understand, while “stoplights” are not appropriate for all users. NJVC’s Cyber Dashboard provides visualization of automated security processes with dynamic feedback for customers, displaying a mix of graphical elements to support quick decision making. Learn more about our award-winning Cyber Dashboard.

Further Reading

Download: Cybersecurity: The Importance of Cyber Analytics (white paper)