Turning Cyber Intelligence into Cybersecurity

In cybersecurity, vision is everything.

Cyber Fusion Framework logo
  • Creates a unified view of enterprise cyber defense  
  • Provides actionable information based on aggregated and correlated data feeds  
  • Offers continuous monitoring to meet continuous threats
  • Maintains real-time network security insight
  • Monitors patch updates across your enterprise
  • Stores most data hourly for better analysis, trend recognition  
  •  Vendor neutral, integrates numerous types of data feeds and security tools   
  • Generates simple confidence scores for all devices connected to your network

Yet in an era of constant communication, enterprise cyber defense is often still maintained tool by tool and device by device, each data feed, cybersecurity measure and network resource operating independently.
Constructing a full picture of your network’s cybersecurity posture is like trying to solve a puzzle with half the pieces turned upside down, or sketch a picture of a building from the inside. No single view of the cyber landscape readily exists.  
The result? Sixty-six percent of all breaches take months or more to discover. 
The answer is continuous visibility and actionable intelligence.
The NJVC Cyber Fusion Framework, a continuous monitoring solution with proven performance in support of some of the world’s most demanding customers in the defense and intelligence communities, provides a unified, real-time view of enterprise cybersecurity. 
Cyber Fusion Framework aggregates and correlates data from network resources, connected devices, directories and cybersecurity tools to form an easy-to-understand picture of your enterprise that produces clear, actionable intelligence for network operators,  a composite view of your cyber defense and a clear path ahead for risk mitigation.
Utilizing Cyber Fusion Framework helps your enterprise reduce detection times from months to minutes, move from reactive to real time, to contain threats before they fully deploy across the enterprise.
Cyber Fusion Framework is not simply a tool to allow you to better view the cyber defense landscape, but to control it.
It’s intelligence amplified; action simplified. It’s visibility where it’s most vital.

Continuous Diagnostics

Enterprise threats never rest. Neither should your cyber defense.

Most current cybersecurity measures are like the folded maps which took up space in your car’s glove box a decade ago. They’re snapshots in time, full of vital information, but useful only if situations remain unchanged. Or think of cybersecurity in terms of physical security. Current measures exist in technology silos, often static relative to the speed of attack, providing visibility only in select moments, the equivalent of using a Polaroid camera where a surveillance camera belongs.

Threat actors won’t wait for your next scheduled network scan.

Cyber Fusion Framework is like the leap from maps to GPS, providing real-time monitoring of your cybersecurity posture. Most data is archived on an hourly basis, allowing for increased analysis, recognition of trends and proactive referrals of anomalous behavior detection. It’s defense in depth, multiple tools and techniques operating in concert to maintain a comprehensive defense.

Continuous monitoring through Cyber Fusion Framework enables cyber security surveillance, not simply cybersecurity hall checks, which often allow malware and threat actors to lie in wait.

Image Your Enterprise

Consider a simple question: How many devices are connected to your network at the exact moment you’re reading this of two things is easy to find: the answer, or, for threat actors, soft spots in your cyber defense.
Cyber Fusion Framework provides a live view of all devices connected to your network, detects malware and determines risk level based on numerous data points, including: 
•  IP addresses
•  MAC addresses
•  Hostnames
•  Operating system
•  Certification and accreditation data
•  Date last seen and source
•  Vulnerability data
Moreover, Cyber Fusion Framework can help create a stronger cybersecurity posture by monitoring patch management and other essential version updates to help safeguard against vulnerabilities due to outdated software.



Actionable Data in Simple Scores

Intelligence is only as valuable as the ability to act on it.
Cyber Fusion Framework doesn’t merely unify cyber intelligence into an overwhelming panorama of data; it creates easily read confidence scores for every device connected to your network, tailored to customer and environment, a simple metric to spur appropriate action.
Trending information from archived data or known attack patterns can generate alerts, allowing your enterprise to manage vulnerabilities before they become cyber security events.

Start Here: Cyber Assessment

In cybersecurity, the biggest threats are often the ones you don’t know about.
NJVC offers a single-day cybersecurity assessment, leveraging the breadth of our cybersecurity 
expertise, as well as demonstrating the capability of Cyber Fusion Framework. Because cybersecurity goes well beyond the bits and bytes of the network, the assessment uses a 360-degree view of your cybersecurity posture, including policy and practices review, architecture review and gap analysis. The security assessment will identify current risks and propose mitigating action. 

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