Enterprise Security for Critical Missions

We do more than simply secure IT. We protect your mission.

Our end-to-end enterprise cybersecurity solutions ensure availability of critical IT for the federal government, including national security and federal civilian agencies, as well as commercial customers. We defend thousands of users, petabytes of data and hundreds of networks for global enterprises, supporting continuous service without interruption due to cyber attack. 

We operate with an enterprise focus, ensuring cybersecurity is applied at every level, from infrastructure to applications to end-user behavior. Our multi-layer, defense-in-depth approach creates a resilient enterprise which protects all IT infrastructure and data created, used and stored across the enterprise without the gaps of traditional standalone cyber offerings. From assessments to managed services to network and end-user defense, we provide full lifecycle services across the enterprise. 

We deliver mission assurance, so you can focus on what matters most. 


See the Risk. Mitigate the Threat

Enterprise cybersecurity typically isn't a matter of too little information, but too much. Cyber monitoring tools and the data they produce have grown increasingly sophisticated and complex. Engineers are overloaded with alerts and warnings. Our enterprise monitoring services correlate and aggregate cybersecurity data from across your enterprise to produce clear, actionable intelligence. We leverage role-based reporting to present the most relevant cyber information to the user on award-winning dashboards.

Our cybersecurity puts your organization in charge of your cyber defense, rather than simply reacting to breaches and intrusions.


Continuous Monitoring, Continuous Defense

Most modern cybersecurity efforts are like using a Polaroid camera where surveillance video belongs. Scans are infrequent and only capture snapshots in time. Evading detection is a matter of course, not exception. Find out how NJVC's continuous monitoring solution can provide enhanced real-time protection for defense and intelligence, federal civilian, and commercial customers. Learn more about Cyber Fusion Framework.


Start Here: Cyber Assessment

Threat actors know one thing your organization almost certainly doesn't: each and every one of your IT enterprise's weak points.

Regular third-party cybersecurity assessments are as much a part of IT maintenance as changing the oil in a car's engine is for vehicle maintenance. Cyber assessments discover vulnerabilities before threat actors do.

Or, think of your IT enterprise as a system of roads built by third-party contractors with differing standards of cybersecurity, differing missions and differing responsibilities. Contractors and vendors may provide the basis of your network—the roads or the servers and end-user devices—and may come with some level of security, like a guard rail or basic rights management. As a enterprise cyber provider, NJVC provides holistic cybersecurity, identifying gaps where roads and networks might not meet, putting in stop lights and fire walls, building in speed limits—like rights management policies—and continuing user safety through regular monitoring and maintenance, ensuring true operational security for the lifetime of your enterprise, not simply at startup. 

A regular cyber check up is a required regular maintenance effort, just as filling in pot holes or replacing missing stop signs are for safely managing traffic.

We offer a series of security assessments that range from a quick check up conducted in one day, through a longer-term cybersecurity workshop and through an intensive and comprehensive cybersecurity technical assessment. Benefits include:

  • Provides a quick view quantifying cybersecurity risk exposure
  • Focuses on current real-world threats
  • Identifies malicious software already present
  • Quantifies existing security gaps

Your IT enterprise is your most mission-critical asset. Is it protected like it?