Your Career. Our Mission.

Delivering innovative enterprise IT is about extracting the best performances possible from all available resources. NJVC takes the same mindset used to charge and transform the IT enterprise and applies it to our most valuable software: our people. NJVC maintains an inclusive and diverse work environment, fostering innovation through collaboration of ideas and integration of personnel. Our culture reflects our ambition to allow employees to be successful both inside and outside of the office, across all jobs, locations and experience levels.
At NJVC, our most valuable asset is our people.
We believe that we best serve our customers by best serving our employees, creating a culture that supports growth and rewards innovation.
Our corporate culture is marked by:
  • Unity in mission
  • Pride in our role in protecting national security and other vital interests
  • Relentless innovation
  • Teamwork
  • Healthy work/life balance
  • Investment in our employees
  • Philanthropy

Like successful enterprise IT, innovation and teamwork are prerequisites in a landscape where rapid change of technology and objectives is simply part of the job. Employees are encouraged to cultivate relationships and share new ideas with other employees at every level of the organization to breed innovation through collaboration. Employees are recognized and rewarded for initiative in solving customer challenges and dedication to mission through a variety of company award programs.

As different as our employees' jobs and backgrounds may be, our focus on diverse, but harmonized, teamwork translates into one unshakeable commonality among our more than 1,200 staffers around the globe: unity in mission to support customer successes.


Work Flexibility

NJVC understands a solid work/life balance is a requisite for employees to be at their best. Our employees are provided with flexible schedules and alternative work arrangements, if and when their roles permit per customer mission requirements. NJVC's tenacious spirit of teamwork creates flexible, but sturdy bonds—employees working together to help each other as they tirelessly support our customers.


Critical Mission Support Role

NJVC believes no one should only work for a paycheck, but everyone should work for a purpose. Our employees are proud of their work to help support and defend national security, as well as provide innovative, mission-critical solutions to military, civilian and commercial customers. At NJVC, we believe careers with clear meaning and impact produce the most focused, productive employees. We aim not simply to fill jobs, but to form an ecosystem of support for our customers, relentlessly centered around their missions.


Community Involvement

As a company built on ideas and innovation, NJVC understands our employees are our company. We offer a variety of special programs and morale-building events for our employees, including team outings, potluck lunches, holiday events, family picnics, charity golf tournaments and volunteer opportunities.

We strongly believe in giving back to the communities we serve. NJVC is a proud supporter of the USO as an extension of our corporate mission to best support our military at home and abroad. NJVC also strongly supports the cultivation of a future innovative IT workforce, offering financial assistance to youth educational charities, particularly those involved in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) in the communities where our employees live and work.


Continuous Career Development

At NJVC, we invest heavily in our employees’ professional development, as we build not just a company, but a team. Our employees can follow specific career tracks that align to their current positions or use dedicated career development resources available to them to research alternative career paths that utilize their existing skill sets—all allowing for continued advancement within the company. NJVC employees have access to a library of thousands of online courses and free training resources, while assistance programs for higher education or professional certifications also help keep our team ahead of the innovation curve.

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